Monday, May 11, 2009

bye bye BA

Tomorrow we leave Buenos Aires. It makes me sad. This city is amazing. It has all the good points of Europe, but with a South American twist of it's own. I love the way everthing only gets going at midnight, that the place runs so well even though the Argentine people have been through so much crap in the recent past. I love the beer, I love the people. The men are hot. The restaurants are cheap. The cafes are cool. The ice-cream is delicious. The clothes are stylish. The leaves are golden...... Okay, I'll stop now. But seriously, if anyone is thinking about going on a citybreak and can stretch to the price of a long haul ticket, go to BA, it's fabulous darling!

The past week has seen me attend a Spanish course in the city centre. Probably mistakenly I opted to challenge myself and jump into Nivel 2... with not hugely successful results. Is it possible to be worse at a language after studying it for 4 hours a day, five days in a row? Well, I think I've proven it. My Spanish SUCKS worse now than last Monday. Hmmmm.... maybe if the teacher wasn't so hot I would have learned more?

Having to be up at 8am in the morning and commute into Plaza de Mayo made me feel like a real local. However, it did majorly hinder my social life for the week. There just isn't any point in going out before 11pm here so it was a quiet week for wee eili. On Monday night we did go to La Bomba de Tiempo, a drumming group who put on weekly shows of a Monday night outdoors in the courtyard of a cultural centre. Amazing beats and an interesting mix of backpacking gringos and be-dredlocked, week-smoking portenos. Add to the mix a few 8peso tumblers of wine and it all makes for a great night.

Apart from catching a cold and chopping the majority of my hair off it was a quiet week besides. Tomorrow we're catching a night bus to Cordoba in the centre of the country. Sad to say goodbye to BA but nonetheless it's time to move on.

hasta proxima,

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